Is the extraordinary variety of colors offered by the artisan terracotta. Each piece tells the story of the wise hands kneading, leveling, compacting, give shape to unique pieces that have value over time. Precious artifacts that Fornaci Chiaroscuro produces using artisanal methods and distributes throughout Italy. From mixtures of clay, through processes of natural drying before and wood cooking then, take shape pieces with an unparalleled variety of tones, from yellow to red, able to confer to the environments an unique style.

Cotto Rosa del Mediterraneo

The extraordinary variety of colors of handmade terracotta baked in wood, a warm and varied rug consisting of unique and durable artifacts that get value over time.

CS Vietri

The tradition of the ceramic of Vietri. The unique style, recognized worldwide, defines a tradition of decorum that the Masters Potters of Vietri sul Mare handed down through generations.

Monuments restoration

Over time, Fornaci Chiaroscuro contributed to the restoration of some of the most important Italian monuments.